Calling All Terraformers! (if you're not geeky, Google it--it's rad!)

Coming soon! An interview with author Derrick William Dalton! His sci-fi novel Houses of Common got this review from Diann Thornley Read, author of The Sergey Chronicles, a military science fiction trilogy:

"If I didn't know better I never would have guessed that "Houses of Common" was Dalton's first novel. He is, hands down, the best new writer I've read in years - and better than some long-time pros I've read lately, too! The plot races like rapids through a canyon, with all the twists and turns "rapids" implies; the well-researched science fact melds seamlessly with science speculation; the array of human and non-human characters are developed to a psychological depth and breadth that you feel you've known them all your life (my favorite is Ranyk, the smart-mouth alien terraformer); and Dalton's storyteller "voice" is clear and confident. I can't wait for the sequel!"

As part of his book launch, I get to interview him on Friday, March 7th. First person to comment on the post will win a FREE, SIGNED COPY of Houses of Common. Oh, and by the way, Derrick William Dalton happens to be my big bro and writing partner, so I know all sorts of juicy stuff you won't find anywhere else. To watch him helplessly attempt to defend himself against the cunning wit of his little sister, tune in FRIDAY-FRIDAY-FRIDAY!

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