things i *hate* today

Today I hate laundry when it sits in the washer too long, but I don't realize it stinks until I've folded it and put it all away. Now my kids will stink for a week until I find all the manky shirts and wash them again.

Today I hate "red" food coloring because it never makes anything red. See that table? Red. The lid on the bottle? Red. The frosting I made using most of that bottle? Pink. GRRRRRR.

Today I hate unfinished projects because I know I have the time to finish them, I just never remember that I need to finish them when I've got the time. 

Today I hate tube socks and band-aids and masking tape and bug carcasses (look closely, it's there) and when they all end up in a pile in the living room. How the . . . what the . . . WHY?! And gross!

And also today, I hate you dinner. Who invited you, anyway? I'm sick of making you. 

And this is why.

Tomorrow I will be grateful and patient and I will laugh at these insignificant things. But not today. Today I will throw dinner out the back door and I will gripe. And I will feel better. 

Much better.