Time Walking Report

Time walked today. That's right. Straight back to 1936, then to 1918. I bounced back and forth between the two, a mystery unfolding chapter by chapter. I met a little girl named Abilene who introduced me to a diviner, a saloon owner/pastor, a high school track star off to fight in the war. And maybe even a ghost. I don't know yet because I haven't finished the story. But I will, and you might want to read it, too. Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, winner of the Newbery Medal.

I'll be taking a break from 1936/1918 in order to time walk to the year 2001 this weekend. I'm going to sit in my high school cafeteria and eat gooey cinnamon rolls with some of my old classmates, just like we used to. I should probably time walk back to February 2011 and start planning then. Who knew how hard it would be to track everyone down? Their paths are well hidden.

We'll listen to some Green Day and deny ever listening to the Spice Girls, and we'll think about the ones who aren't with us any more.

Here's what I'll tell myself if I run into the 2001 me: Don't be in such a hurry, and don't wait so long. Find the right speed, just enough to feel a rush, but not so fast you can't
see what you're passing.

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